Monday, May 11, 2009

Baby Stuffed Deer Head & Birthday Wishes

Casey and Ryan returned home from their Honeymoon with goodies for us all!! I had to share Crawford’s first Deer head with you! Uncle Ryan HAD to get this for him. I can hear the conversation now. Casey was probably trying to talk him out of it for my sake which probably made him want to buy it more! But to everyone’s surprise, I think it’s cute! Jacob gives me a really hard time because I think his Deer Head just looks too perfect in his parents house for him to bring it over to our house! :-) So for now Crawford’s baby STUFFED deer head works for me! Casey and Ryan also brought Crawford a cute t-shirt and train which he LOVES! Thanks Aunt Casey and Uncle Ryan for thinking of us on your Honeymoon!


Sunday was Casey’s Birthday! Casey we hope you had a very Happy Birthday and are so glad you are officially part of the family! However we have thought of you as family for a long time! Happy Birthday!


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