Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Wedding Pictures

Below are some more pictures from our Big Wedding Weekend! Someone special was looking out for Casey and Ryan. The forecast called for rain all weekend but during all of the festivities we had no rain! Everything was beautiful and perfect including Crawford! I was so nervous at how he would be during the wedding. I had the bright idea that I could give him a little car to play with during the ceremony. Small enough that it would not look tacky but that it would keep him entertained! Well during the rehearsal I quickly learned that the car would probably end up on someone's head because all he wanted to do was throw it! So we thought and thought of all the possible things we could give him. Angie came up with the great idea of a dum dum and it worked. We picked out a white one so it of course went with his outfit! Crawford walked in with Jacob and I holding our hands. As soon as he started to take off, I handed him the sucker which kept him entertained for a good while. He dropped it and put it back in his mouth and was even nice enough to rub it all over the flower girl dresses before dropping it again in the grass and putting it back in his mouth! I was so proud of him, after a while he did wonder off and was rescued by Angie (Jacob's Cousin) and my mom. He looked so cute! and so did the Bride and Groom. They looked so Happy and we are so Happy for them!! Below are some pictures that I captured. It was hard to capture too many b/c I was constantly chasing Crawford!

Family Picture

It's normal for Crawford to never be looking at the camera!

Uncle Adam and Crawford

Mommy and Crawford

Uncle Ryan and Crawford Before the Wedding

Crawford Killing time before the Wedding!

The happy Bride and Groom

Mommy, Crawford and Mimi
Mimi helped us out so much this weekend with Crawford. Thanks for coming! We had such a great time and were glad you could be with us!

Allison and Mark (I think they will be next)

Adam & Anna Gray

Crawford and Addie with the Band!

Rebecca and Crawford

Uncle Adam

Granny Starnes and Crawford Eating!

These were some of the pretty arrangements at the wedding!

Anna Gray, Me, Jenny

The End of the Night! Crawford was worn out but still managed to smile.

I am so upset that I have no pictures of Pop Pop and Grammy but they were so busy entertaining that I hardly saw them! I will have to get some from somebody!

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