Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day

We had such a Happy Mother’s Day Weekend! Our moms are so very special to us and we were so glad that we could spend time with both of them this weekend! It is hard to understand how much our parents do for us until we become parents ourselves. We always knew growing up that our parents would do anything in the world for us but until we had Crawford I don’t think we realized exactly how much they did behind the scenes that we never knew! Thanks for all that you did and still do for us! We love you both very much!!!

To my mom thanks for not only being my mom but also my rock! Thanks for teaching me the important life lessons and for always being there for us!

To Jacob’s mom thanks for raising such a great man that I fell in love with and who is such a great husband and father! Thanks for all that you do for us!

Emily with Mom on Mother's Day Jacob with Mom on Mother's Day

I was a very lucky mom and got a beautiful bracelet from Jacob and Crawford for Mother’s Day! I LOVE IT! There is nothing better than being a mom! I love every bit of it! I feel so blessed and honored to be Crawford’s Mommy! It’s the best feeling in world!

To Crawford: Thanks for giving me the title Mommy! I love you more than words can say!

Crawford and Mommy on Mother's Day

Jacob and Crawford riding on the golf cart! Don’t pay attention to Crawford’s belt but do pay attention to his cute shorts! Very J-Crewish but came straight from Target’s sale rack! :-)

Crawford with Daddy on Mother's Day

To Jacob – Thanks for all that you do for Crawford and I and always being supportive of me. Oh Yeah, and thanks for putting up with the way I dress Crawford even when sometimes (most) you don’t agree! :-) We love you very much!

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