Monday, March 2, 2009

100% Crawford's Idea

Crawford has been really interested in shoes lately! He made Grammy take off her shoes at least a 1/2 dozen times the other night. Well tonight he kept bringing them to me and making the same noise he always makes when he wants something. So I put him down in the boots and he thought it was so funny! He would try to walk and fall down. Then he would want to do it all over again! So of course I had to capture it on camera!!

A few updates!

I am happy to announce (but nervous that it will break the cycle) Crawford has slept through the night since last Saturday!!! We woke him up at 11 for 4 nights, he slept through never waking crying and now we have stopped waking him up and he continues to sleep through the night. Fingers crossed it will continue. So for now the night terrors are gone!

My grandmother is home and doing better. She is still have speech problems from the stroke and swallowing but she is doing better. I am praying that she will fully recover!! I will be taking Crawford to see her in a few weeks to cheer her up!

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