Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jacob Says this is Blog Worthy!

Jacob never really gives any input as to what I should or should not put on the blog. But he told me this picture was blog worthy! Crawford's driving Daddy's Jeep. It was cold yesterday when we got home, Jacob and I were freezing and everytime we tried to remove Crawford from the Jeep he would scream and pitch a fit!
I promise I have several new post, including Crawford in his Easter Outfit, Weekend with Mimi, and playing with Ella....hope to post them in the next few days! We are busy busy busy!!!


Maggie said...

Jack does the same thing!! He loves to pretend to drive the car! I love Crawfords Easter outfit! Where did you get it?

Emily and Jacob said...

It's by Claire & Charlie, I got it at a great warehouse sale in FL. They always have great things. Not sure if it's this years Easter or last years line.

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