Thursday, March 19, 2009

18 Months Check-Up

18 Months has brought a lot of hard work but the most rewarding feeling in the world! We love the 18 month stage! Today was Crawford 18 Month Check-Up with Dr. Paynter! It went great! The hardest part was weighing him! I don't know why except for the fact that I schedule his appointment right during his nap time by mistake!! I think we scared everyone out of the doctors office. Our sweet nurse didn't know what to think. After trying to weigh him on the baby scale and then the big scale, I finally had to stand on the scale with him and then weigh my self so we could get his weight.
His Stats are: Head 19 1/4 (57%) Weight 25 lbs.(39%), and Length 32 1/2 in.(80%)
12 Teeth (6 of them came in the last 2 months)
After Crawford calmed down Dr. Paynter came in and answered our million questions. He is so good! He said Crawford was perfect and right on track! Crawford showed him all of his tricks. He had two shots that he only cried a few seconds for. Nothing like he cried at the scales! :-)
We packed up and as we were walking out Crawford told the nurse "Tank Choo" and blew her a kiss!
Crawford is growing up so fast! He keeps us busy and on our toes! We are saying a lot of No's and Starting to use Time out but we are also having so much fun! It is so rewarding to see him develop and learn new things each day! He gives the best hugs without us even asking these days. As I was chasing him down this morning to get dressed I was becoming a little frustrated! He thinks its funny and a game! It used to be funny but not so much anymore, especially when we are running late! After I got him dressed he leaned over and reached for me for a big hug and kiss and a big smile on his face! I could have just ate him up!! So Sweet!
Some of his favorite things are riding his jeep, bubbles, stacking blocks, dancing , reading books, Elmo, Blue's Clues, Molly (our dog), Playing outside, His Blanket, did I say bubbles??, coloring and eating the crayon,sweeping, his red fire car, and Baths! These are just a few of his favorite things!
He understands most things we tell him to do and he answers yes and no(sometimes) when we ask him a question. He loves his high-chair, I think b/c he knows he can eat in it! :-) He runs over to it and says up..up..up until we put him in. Then he signs and says more until we give him something to eat. When he drinks he makes a sigh when he is done like umm that was good. If he his eating something he really likes he will say umm while he eats and if he doesn't won't something (usually veggies) he will take one look and throw it on the floor. We are working on that!
He can find most animals we ask him to find in books and toys. He loves to put shapes in the shape ball and he is starting to count! He knows where all of his body parts are and I mean ALL! :-) He loves to shoot his basketball and has really taken to his golf clubs! He makes this really excited noise when he swings and hits something (not necessary the ball).
Crawford says hello(ello) and Bye every where we go! He always blows kisses when he says bye! If we are in a parking lot he tells people in their cars bye even though they cannot see or hear him. Sometimes he even tells his stuffed animals bye when we leave his room. The other night he told the bath toys bye! He is so sweet! At school when I tell him to tell Molly bye he won't just say bye, he runs over to her and gives her a big hug! He gives the boys high fives! Too Cute!
We are so lucky and could not ask for more. He is the love of our life!
Here's to the next 18 Months!!!
We Love You Crawford!!!

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The Schwant Family said...

He is so cute and smart! I want to meet him! :-)

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