Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday DaDa!

Happy Birthday Jacob! We LOVE you all the way up to the Moon and Back! As they say in one of our favorite books, "Guess How Much I Love You".
Today was Jacob's Birthday! Crawford woke up after he left today and instantly was looking all over the house for him. Yelling DaDa...DaDa. All the way to school he called for him and when I picked him up he continued to yell his name all the way home!! Jacob took the day off to go skiing! He is loves to ski and has not really been able to go to much in the past few years! He is really really good and I could never keep up with him! He plans to have Crawford on Skies next year!
We celebrated Jacob's Birthday on Sunday because Grammy (Jacob's mom) was going to the beach this week! We had a little birthday dinner tonight with Poppy, Jacob, Crawford and I. We had Spaghetti (Jacob's favorite) and for those of you who know Jacob you would never believe I have him hooked on Turkey Spaghetti! :-) We had Chocolate Chip Cookies instead of Birthday Cake because Jacob does not like cake! WHO doesn't like birthday cake! I would have bought one but knew that I would eat the entire thing by myself! We had a great time and Crawford had Poppy (or Pop Pop as Crawford says) doing laps around the house!
Crawford and Daddy. I had to capture one picture and Crawford was not in the sit still mood!

Crawford and Poppy (Pop Pop)

Jacob's Birthday Dinner

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