Sunday, March 8, 2009

Beautiful and Busy Weekend

We had a busy but beautiful weekend! Crawford attended his first baby shower and I think he enjoyed it! He ate lots of food, met a girl and had every ones attention! I think he liked all of the above!!
Below is a picture of him enjoying his food and his new friend!

Mommy and Crawford

Daddy and Crawford before Golf

After the shower the men played golf. I left to go visit a very sweet friend of mine. Kathryn and I went to College together. We had fun catching up while the kids took naps! She is such a good mommy and her kids are great! I am sorry I did not get any pictures of the kids together!! I will have to next time! Below is a picture of sweet Cole and Kathryn in the background. I didn't get any of Miss Emma! After Crawford's nap, Kathryn and Crawford and I snuck off to Birkdale Village. We had a great time and even made a few small purchases!!

Crawford and I went to the park while waiting on Jacob to finish golf! He had so much fun and pitched the biggest fit when it was time to leave! All the moms at the park were looking at me. It was really really embarrassing! You would have thought I was doing something terrible to him! I could not find my car keys so I sat him down for one second and he took off as fast as he could back to the park! Other than that little incident we had so much fun and he was such a great boy for being gone all day and only having a 45 min. nap!

Enjoying the Slide

Stay Tuned for Crawford's 18 Month Update...I can't believe it has been 18 Months!!

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