Friday, March 20, 2009

Visit with Great Mimi (G-Mi)

Crawford and I took off on Friday and headed to Hickory to see Mimi. Jacob went to Ryan's Bachelor party. On Friday we drove to Asheville to see G-Mi(that stands for Great Mimi for the moment). Not really sure what Crawford will call her but for now we are going with G-Mi. We had a great visit. She lives in a retirement home. Everyone there loved Crawford. One lady grabbed his hand and walked off with him and would not let go. I about died!!! I am serious she walked all the way down the hall before I could get her to let go. Crawford just walked along with her holding her hand even though I was yanking his other hand and trying to hold him back!! After our visit, we went to meet my Aunt and Uncle for what should have been a great dinner, however Mr. Crawford was not having it. He finished his meal before we even had our salad, needless to say, I did not eat!! :-) We did enjoy the time we had with them and hope they will still come eat with us next time! :-)
Crawford peaking around G-Mi's Wheel Chair. He loves to play with it. She doesn't really like him to.

Sweet Crawford trying to help out!

Crawford thinks he is talking on the phone, but it is really her electric chair control! He would say "Hello"..."Bye"...and throw it down, then pick it back up and do it all over again.

The Best Hugger in the World!!!

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