Thursday, January 6, 2011

8 Months

8 Months old Already???? No Way!

There is no way my baby can be 8 months!!!!

Caroline Crawled the day she turned 8 Months and I found her standing in her crib a week later!!

Caroline is going through separation anxiety! I can not walk into the other room without her screaming!!! It's constand through out the day....not a moment alone or she is screaming! It's enough to wear you out!! She starts pre-school 2 days a week this week! Her first day went well for both of us! When Crawford started daycare at 5 months old....i crying for me this time!! :-) Caroline and I spend way more quality time together than Crawford and I ever did at that age! So of course i cried but with Caroline I need a 3 hour break twice a week so that I can CLEAN MY HOUSE!!!! Oh yes...that is what I do in my spare time right now!!! Clean!!! Sounds like fun! I really never realized I would look forward to having some spare time to myself to clean...but hey I will take quiet time any way I can get it!!!

So back to Caroline and her 8 month update!!!

She is a Happy Baby as long as she not alone!

She LOVES her brother...her eyes light up the minute she sees him! Same for him!

She weighs around 15lbs from a sick visit we went to.

She is in Size 3 Diapers

She is eating much better in the past week. She still drinks 6oz every 4 hours and now eats twice a day.

She sleeps from 8:30 to 8:00 (unless a certain little boys crawls in her crib with her and wakes her up) even lately 9 or 9:30

She spits up all of the time!!! I feel like I basically just wear spit up and am used to the awful smell!!

She is saying Mama,, Dada(all of the time) bye i am sure she doesn't know the meaning of them....she says...dada when she is happy and mama the entire time she cries!! Go Figure!!! Baba and bye bye are few and far between but I have heard them!

She absolutely hates to have her diaper changed or clothes!!! If she didn't spit up so much I wouldn't have to change her so much! I try to tell her this!!

She loves to play peek a boo! She holds the blanket when she pulls it down laughs so hard. Crawford loves to play this with her as well!

She started drinking from a Sippy Cup this week and loves it while she eats her Mum Mum's (another post about these soon)!

When she gets excited she flaps her arms like the dancing duck we have.

Still no teeth...but with her fussiness and needing me to hold her all of the time..I am thinking a tooth must be coming in!

i found her standing in her crib a few days ago....I haven't actually seen her stand but it's just a matter of time. We had to lower her crib tonight!

She still had a head full of hair. I thought she would eventually lose it but I am thinking it's not going anywhere!

Her favorite toys are her baby doll and anything she can chew on and anything little of Crawford's that she should not be playing with!



8 months.jpg





Sweet much as I like to complain about how High Maintenance you are!!! I wouldn't trade any of it! You are the sweetest thing and we are so lucky to have you!!!

You light up the room and anywhere we go everyone speaks of how cute you are and how happy you are!!! I have enjoyed every minute of the past 8 months and can't believe we will be celebrating your 1 Year birthday and 4 Months! I better get to planning!!!

Stay tuned for an update on Crawford and pictures...when I can get him to sit still long enough!!!

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