Monday, January 17, 2011

The Mini

I love my New Birthday present I got from my mom this weekend!
The Happy Everything Mini! It's just the prefect size!
We of course put the birthday hat on for my birthday celebration! I turned 31! We had a great weekend and I took absolutely NO pictures and I think my mom took 2! I will have to get a pretend one with the kids tomorrow! :-) Jacob's mom fix us a wonderful dinner and desert! It was so nice to have dinner at their house where we could just relax and not worry about the kids! Sometimes or should I say most times it can be stressful going out to eat!! :-)

Anyway I just love this plate! It's just so fun and festive!
Happy Everything Mini Platter
My favorite attachments right now are the football, bunny and heart!

Football Mini AttachmentBunny Mini AttachmentHeart Mini Attachment

I have my eyes on this wreath next!!
It's so cute!!

Welcome! Wooden Wreath

Actually they have so many cute things you should go take a look!

If your local....Note Worthy and Gazoodles sale them and just so you know Note Worthy is just a little less for the attachments!

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