Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm Big

Crawford is 3 Years and 3 Months and feels like he is 16 sometimes! He says the funniest things and is wise beyond his years!

He maks me laugh EVERYDAY! He is the sweetest Child (he has his moments) but he is sweet most of the time!

He loves being outside and playing football, baseball, golf and soccer!

He is the Best Big Brother. He loves his sister so much and tells her all of the time!

He is so thoughtful and has the best manners. He says his prayers every night and prays for EVERYONE! I have to stop him b/c the list could be an hour long!

Crawford is now in pre-school 3 Mornings a week and we both love it. He has made a lot of friends. There are only 2 boys in his class so they stick together!

Crawford loves to Sing and Dance. His imagination is always running!

He is the biggest Demon Deacon fan and loves to go to the football and basketball games.

He also loves the Dash baseball team.

He is growing way to fast!

Crawford has been dying to have a 4-Wheeler for a while! So for Christmas he got one from Pop Pop and Nana to stay at their house! They have plenty of space to ride it!! And don't worry it has a remote control off button we can push and a governor that makes it as slow as the power wheels and gators do!  He has a helmet that he must wear at all times! He scares me but he will always be supervised and wear a helmet! Below is a picture of him on Christmas Day.



"I'm Big"

for months now Crawford has been wanting a gun like his daddy and uncles have...everytime we go to the store I tell him when he gets big he can have one...I meant really big...I just don't like guns and it scares me for him to play with one for fear he will play with a real one ....but  I know that is not going to happen!! So anyway...through the weeks I would hear him in the backseat grunting...and when I would ask what he was doing he would say..."I am growing so I can be big and get a gun". I had no idea that Uncle Adam and Meredith were getting him a play gun for Christmas. He unwrapped it and Immediately yelled! I'm Big!!! It was so funny to me b/c he thought he had finally grown big enough to get a gun!



this week...I took Crawford to Chick-fi-la, I actually was meeting our neighbor but we didn't communicate and ended up at two different ones! :-)

while eating I went to take Crawford's toy to exchange it for ice cream and left him at the table...I rarely do this....I hate leaving him alone!!! while I am all the way upfront and he is all the way in the back i hear his sweet voice say as loud as he can..."Mommy, those people are talking about Crazy and Crazy is not nice", while pointing at them.

see...i know crazy is not a bad word..but a few months ago Crawford was calling everyone crazy. I tried to tell him that it was not nice to call people names or call them now he thinks crazy is a bad word. even though I have explained to him over and over he still corrects anyone who says the word crazy!



My plan is to get him to sit still long enough to get some pictures this week. All of his pictures are usually action Shots!!

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