Friday, January 21, 2011

5 Year Anniversery

I was looking back at post of Crawford this time last year and found my Anniversary post from last year! Since it is today....I thought it was appropriate to post it again! It's hard to believe 5 Years have gone by or even harder to believe 11 Years since we started dating. 1 dog and 2 kids later and here we are! A lot has changed since January 21st, 2006!

Jacob's parents watched the kids while we went to dinner! We actually got to chew our food instead of the normal swallow it whole! After dinner we took a romantic trip to babies r us and Michaels and then we were going to the movie but drove by and had missed the early one! :-) We couldn't wait until 9! Man...times have changed...back in 2006 we would have been out and about and now in 2011 with 2 kids and a dog we were back before 9! I wouldn't change anything! I will take sleep over a movie any day!! :-)

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