Friday, January 21, 2011

Petunia Pickle Diaper Bag

I think I have found my new favorite Diaper Bag! I go through as many Diaper bags as I do strollers!

I just have to find the perfect one!

I got the one below, sorry it's the only picture i could find online and I don't feel like taking one of it! Lilly doesn't carry this one anymore but I do love it!

It's just a little big and does not really fit in my stroller!

It's great though and I still plan on using it when I need a big bag and It can be used for so much more than a diaper bag!

I think it would make a great pool bag!

I NewImage.jpg

This next one I had for Crawford from Pottery barn. I liked it as well...but it had his monogram on it so I didn't use for Caroline. We can still use it for an overnight bag if we need it!

As a diaper bag it is not the easiest to get things out of. It was kind of deep. I don't think they carry it anymore


This bag I also had for Crawford and Loved it! It took me forever to find it. I saw one I liked and It look me forever to find their website. It is such a good price for all that you get with it. It's only 48.00 and you get all 5 pieces below!

It zips up..which neither bag above do! I like that so nothing falls out! It came with a changing pad, bottle carrier, small bag and organizer! I had it monogramed or I would use it with Caroline.

I am still thinking of ordering one for Caroline to use sometimes!!! I think i have a diaper bag problem!!!


Kicker and David Designs

This is my most recent bag and I love it! It is so practical!!! It is pricey but so worth it! Now I cheated and found my on ebay only because I already have so many diaper bags...I could justify paying full price for one and why would you if you could find it for less. But i would totally splurge and pay full price for this one if I had to!

I saw on, under give-a-way's you can register to win a petunia pickle bag! I registered! You should also!

I love this bag for many reasons! You wear it as a back pack, it straps on a stroller. Our Joovey stroller does not have handles like our Peg Perego did so I have to hold the diaper bag or if I put it in the basket...Crawford usually stands on it! Now I can hang this one on the stroller. It has 4 compartments for bottles, the changing pad folds out! There are many more things I like about this bag and so far it's my favorite diaper bag yet!

Petunia Pickle Diaper Bag



I saw this diaper bag on Pottery Barn...I like it b/c it looks like a purse.

NewImage.jpg also carriers Petunia Pickle Bags!

see below for the patterns they carry!


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Brooke said...

Have you tried a Mia favorite!!!

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