Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Not sure if you watched Oprah today...it was a rerun....but it was one of the saddest shows I have ever watched...I started crying within the first 4 minutes! I can not imagine what these parents went through and how they cope everyday. They are so strong! It did end with a Miracle which is also so unbelievable.

Here is the link if you didn't see it!


If you talk to me often...I complain about how different Caroline is than Crawford...She cries a lot!! It's hard some days...when your child cries all day! It can be draining! But she doesn't cry as long as I hold her and give her every second of my attention! She really is Happy as long as she has everyone's undivided attention which probably has to do with her being a girl! But it's hard when your home alone! The dishes won't do themselves...or the laundry! I wish it would! Bills don't pay themselves either but I really wish they did! and we make a mess trying to stay busy and not bored because we all know boredom and a three year old equals TROUBLE!! One of the hardest things of being a Stay at home mom is just finding the time to do those little things or with a family of 4 they can sometimes be big things! Man our Laundry loads have grown!! At any rate during my mops group not too long ago we talked about being a mother and raising a family being content and letting go of those things that can be done later!! It's hard! It's not easy! When I am playing on the floor and I see dust bunnies! I want to jump up and sweep them up in case someone is going to stop by and then the next day their back! When I was talking to Jacob's grandmother the other day about Caroline and her needing to be held all of the time I told her....I should just hold her and have a messy house and not complain...I can clean in 15 years when she doesn't want anything to do with me! :-) I know the time goes by fast and one of my New Year Goals is to Sit and Play...and not to worry about my house as much! I know that others in my situation probably have a messy house also!

I couldn't imagine my life without my family....We just don't know what could happen tomorrow so we should soak up today! It's easy to say that! I think we often forget! But these are precious moments and I am holding on to them for dear life because I know they are only little for so long!

Crawford adores Caroline and she adores him! He makes her laugh and it's the cutest thing! It is SO much fun to watch them grow together and play! It really does melt my heart! This morning he wanted to go outside and play in the snow/ice...I talked him into jumping on the bed instead! We snapped a few pictures and had a great time! We stayed in our PJ's all day!


I might add that although Caroline is needy...and likes to be held...she is just about perfect with everything else! She goes to sleep at 8:30 and wakes up around 9 or today 9:30 unless I have to wake her up to take Crawford to school! She has been sleeping well since she was 9 weeks old and has only had a 2 day streak of waking up when she was sick! I am very fortunate! I spoke to our doctor about her neediness and the doctor assured me that she is the normal child and Crawford is the abnormal one! :-) I'll take them both just the way they are....I think there both perfect in every shape and form! I fell so lucky and honored to be their MOM!!!

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