Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crawford and Caroline with Molly

Crawford and Caroline both took interest with Molly at exactly 8 months. i guess once they could crawl to her! Molly is so hyper sometimes but you can tell you loves children. She wouldn't hurt them for anything! She lets them crawl on her, tug & chase her. If anyone else comes into our house even our parents she starts going crazy! It's amazing how some dogs are so good with Children! Crawford loves her so much and I can tell Caroline is starting to also! Molly is 6 years old and has just about as much energy as she had the day we got her!! Sometimes she is handful and drives me crazy but I love the relationship the kids have wit her!




notice how much more hair Caroline has than Crawford and he has a receding hair line! :-) Not anymore though...he has a head full of hair...but I bet when he is his daddy's age we will see that hair line again! :-)

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