Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Favorite Snack

For Caroline the Snack of choice is a Mum Mum....I just heard about these things a few months ago. I wish I had these things with Crawford! Not only does she love them...I love them because they give me time to do eat my dinner and they don't make a mess like Puff's! If Caroline even see's the package...her arms start reaching!







Crawford's snack of choice! A RED APPLE with the skin off please Mommy! (that's what he usually says to me).

He loves to eat apples! When he was a baby just starting to eat real food, I gave him the tiniest slice of an apple and it got stuck in his throat and he got choked. My mom ended up saving him...Me, Well I panicked. So every time I even see any apple I think back to the first bite he had! But he loves them now!!




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