Saturday, January 22, 2011

Favorite Things


Nuk Paci & Pediped Shoes! Can't go wrong with either one of these!

Love Pediped shoes...they never fall off and I mean NEVER! They may be a little more expensive than you want to spend but they are totally worth it! Caroline will not keep socks on so I have to keep her shoes on all day long. These are very soft! I love them! She is wearing 0-6 months right it's about time for me to get the next size!

Nuk Paci is another one of my favorites! We can't survive without the Paci....if I lay Caroline in the crib she will cry until I find her a paci! We usually keep 5 or 6 in their so she can always locate her ...but usually by day 5 all are out of the crib from when she wakes up and takes one with her! I have replenish the crib with paci's!


My Friend Meredith led me to this Cradle Cap Care! It's from Walmart! I borrowed hers because I could not find it! However it works great! Caroline has horrible Cradle Cap!(I always end up saying Cradle Crap)!

This works wonders...We have only used twice and it's almost cleared up! She has so much hair so it makes here hair really greasy looking and it takes 2 washes to get it looking right but it's totally worth buying! I found it on Amazon here Gentle Naturals Cradle Cap


don't mind Caroline Messy Bed Hair in this picture!

Fresh Food Feeder


These are the best things ever!!! I can't tell you how much I LOVE THEM! I am paranoid when it comes to giving Caroline real food ever since Crawford Choked! She loves fruit and these things are so great for that! I just cut up fresh fruit and put it in this mesh net feeders and she sucks and sucks and sucks....and screams for more!! She starts shaking as soon as she see's them! They do make a mess, she usually ends up with fruit juice all over her. I also put Ice cubes in there...for her gums....she ends up soaking I do this when I know we are not going anywhere but she loves it and I know it feels good to her!

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